Firefox Mobile Web Compatibility Update (08/2013)

Firefox Mobile Web Compatibility Update

We the Web

But the mobile Web is broken

This results in a poor user experience in Firefox products


Desktop vs mobile content


Basic HTML vs HTML5


4 issues

  1. User Agent (UA) detection
  2. Vendor (Webkit) specific CSS
  3. Functional DOM/JS issues
  4. Gecko limitations

Learn more about the issues from my Oct 2012 video update (4:00)

Problem scope

Alexa global 1000 sites that have a mobile version (May 2013)

Our strategy

MoCo core team and Mozilla local communities

Materials and tools

Recent success (since July 1)

  • Removed 34 UA overrides (145 remain on the list)
  • Resolved 15 additional evangelism bugs
  • Notable recent fixes include:

Call to action

We need the help of the global Mozilla community

Need more help getting started? Talk to us on the compatibility@ list or contact Karl Dubost or Lawrence Mandel directly